[CMI013] Extremely Sleazy Footage – Victim #13

[CMI013] Extremely Sleazy Footage – Victim #13

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Movie ID: 89877 - (CMI013)

Category: Censored, Online

Actress: Unknown

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  1. Tomomi lover 3378

    This was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. There is real bonding here. There really is something special here it was never just sex , lust or passion. Honestly this was truly sweet. Feeding one another , playing video games , the dice game ,snuggling up , cooking and eating together 97 % unscripted if not completely they really did get along and have something truly magical.

  2. Tomomi lover 3378

    JAV idols name is Karen Haruki. I do not know the male JAV performers name though sadly wich is rather bothersome since he is in so many films. I forgot to post this earlier. Anyway she is one of my favorites kinda like my # 2 right behind TOMOMI CHAN! ( Tomomi Motozawa )Though Riku Minato and Miku Abeno are right there with her if not above her. I also love Mana Sakura and Mika Osawa. Just to name a few.

  3. rocketman

    sadly this kind of jav was aimed towards lonely male audiences. And yes the conversation was not scripted but everything that the actor and the actress does were all scripted.

  4. Tomomi lover 3378

    No it wasn’t only some of it was. I can assure you I know what I am talking about. Though some of it was scripted most of it wasn’t and no it is aimed more at females.

  5. Tomomi lover 3378

    If you really think it was scripted then is just sad for you. The feeding come on you know it is genuine the only time it wasn’t was the few times with the text messages.

  6. Tomomi lover 3378

    The only times I have ever seen stuff even close to the stuff in JAV is with one time amateurs mostly in fact almost couples for that matter. Even then the ones who were not couples did fall short of the JAV because I only saw it one time where a girl made sort of sweet noises which still fell short in comparison to the stuff in JAV because for starters take any JAV idol and the noises they make will be sweeter. Not to mention the people in JAV show far far more affection in fact I only saw one amateur who was not a couple who sowed affection and all she did was kiss the guy on the cheek , touch his face and say he was a good person and make only about 4 sweet sounding noises at all. However she specifically said she did not want to keep in touch with him an didn’t plus no cuddling , no hugging or holding and no dating and or spending actual time together at all. the people in JAV are far superior to non couple amateurs. As far as the actual couples go well that’s kind of obvious but to be honest I have seen more affection from JAV even when compared to the actual couples I have seen. JAV is unrivaled.

  7. Tomomi lover 3378

    Actually after having gone over it one last time I noticed the noises had been more lustful and even when she said he was ” good ” it sounded mocking in tone not to mention the affection was to be quite honest all but non existent in comparison to the JAV industry and the same goes for all the other people in that movie.

  8. Tomomi lover 3378

    Oh also where is my other comment about CMI-013? I assume it will be delayed like my other comments with links in them or not show up at all.

  9. Tomomilover3378

    Here is the twitter of the director a former AV actor named Kazuho Hiramoto https://twitter.com/kazuho_11 who I have connected with trhough twitter and talked to many other people these films are unscripted in fact I even tweeted about it and it was retweeted by my friend AV actor Mumin. https://twitter.com/JapanLover111/status/970511973950554112 As always I was right. I actually speak Japanese for starters and have even connected with people who work in the industry.

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